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So, I finished the series. It's 3 books (not stand-alones) called The Journals of Voren and I am so in love with the characters (especially Ryor 😉), the world, and the story itself. I'm making notes for book 4 of the series and can't wait to start that. Meanwhile, I have the rights back for my first novel, The Covering. This means I now have full control over the cover design, all edits, and changing the price for selective sales, something I couldn't do before. It's my "firstborn" and I hope you'll love it as much as I do. It will be re-released on May 9th! 


So, 2021 is almost over and I have to say I'm okay with that. I just released Weakness, which is not a Christian book (*pst... there's sex in it), but I loved writing it. I am planning a cop series starting in 2022. Not titles yet, but I'll keep you posted.

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April 24, 2021

From 4/21 Newsletter

Hey Friends! I hope you’re all doing well as we pull out of the pandemic slump most of us seem to have fallen into and get back to “real” life. Lots happening here lately. With the return of normalcy, it’s time to get rid of the extra weight I’ve collected. Back to my treadmill, yoga, and eating better. Well … we’ll see how it goes, LOL.

Speaking of going WIDE…. I went wide with all my indie eBooks! For those of you who don’t know what that means, I was on Amazon exclusively, and have now gone to Draft2Digital to release my books on other platforms such as Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, etc. For now, I’ve discontinued my indie print books, but I’ll let you know when I put them up.

I’ve been working on my Fantasy Romance trilogy, which I hope to have out by the fall. My cover designer, Cecilia Marie Pulliam, and I have been going through images, trading ideas, and trying to get the right feel for the series.


I can’t tell you the titles, because I don’t know yet myself. All I can say is the series takes place in another world called Voren (and a little on Earth), and that there are Kings and Captives, Faeries and Warriors, Princes and Traitors. Even Sasquatch, Aliens, and Merfolk :D


There’s a lot going on and so much to keep track of! I’d really appreciate it if some of you would keep me in prayer, as I pray for all of you <3


I'm working on my first Fantasy series! It's going to be AWESOME! I lost 50+ pages, but those I can replace, hopefully, better than I had them.

What I can't replace, is my dog, Maggie. Magnolia. We had to have her put down because she had cancer spreading quickly throughout her body and another surgery wasn't the answer this time. She'd already had 2. On top of it, she had a stroke and wasn't in good shape at all, so....

Anyway, new books coming at you soon. Be blessed, stay healthy and GO OUTSIDE. 


My first 1st person novel, The HAUNTING of JOSIAH KASH, is on Pre-Order now and set to release on June 5, 2020. I found 1st person so easy to just slip into. I don't know why I haven't written in 1st before. Though I still prefer to read 3rd at this point, that might change :D 





So, 2019 is just about behind us. I slacked off a bit with releasing a new book, but I did manage to release a short story - His Heart for Christmas. 2020 will be a year for cracking down and putting out. ...books, people, books. Lots planned! 



I'm working on a number of books, one of which is a Christmas story. About half-way through. Just have to remember where characters put their coats :/



2018...The year I start getting out of my comfort zone. Well, I started in 2017, making plans, anyway. I joined a NJ based online writer's group and threw my hat into the ring to appear on an author panel where I'll be joined by four or five other authors, and asked questions about writing, publishing, what are the odds of making a zillion dollars off your first novel, etc. That's happening in April. Those of you who know writers, know that most of us are "functional introverts." That means I have until April to worry about it, lol.

I'm working on several books, including my first, 1st person story. Prayers appreciated. 

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